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Following trends for more individual and unique projects, Ross Wilson, director of RW Joiners in Toowoomba saw an opportunity to expand his cabinetmaking and joinery business to give his clients a unique design component to enhance and personalise their ideas.

Digital, large format printing.

However unlike many digital printers found in sign shops, Raw Inkk has the capacity to go far beyond with our ability to produce full colour graphics and images that actually become an intricate part of the project.

Using our amazing printing technology we are able to produce the ‘look’ you require without the difficulty or expense.

We can print timber grain, steel, concrete, stone, as well as images and graphics directly onto most surfaces.  Imagine a 2400mm solid timber beam only weighing around one kilogram! Your choice of timber printed directly onto a light weight balsa wood, means a low cost alternative to many internal structural projects.

What sets Raw Inkk apart is our unique ability to print texture in a 3D format that allows you to actually ‘feel’ the printed timber grain, steel, concrete or the like. Raw Inkk are one of the few companies that can offer this new technology.

Add to this, the fact that we are the only company that can print around onto the edge of the material means we are able to provide a service currently unavailable anywhere else.

The added advantage of being closely associated with RW Joiners means that if your project requires machining or assembly or installation that can be offered also.

If you can imagine it, talk to us - it’s probably possible.

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