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Welcome to Raw Inkk, where large-format digital printing transforms architectural spaces with limitless possibilities. Our cost-effective solutions redefine aesthetics by printing unique designs on raw materials.

Quality Guarantee 

Thanks to our UV printing system, our prints are highly durable, long-lasting, and high-quality. Images and textures are printed directly onto any material and adhere through a UV chemical reaction to bond to the surface. This produces a hardwearing, high-definition result that, unlike other printing methods, will not crack, peel, or fade. 

Eco Friendly 

As part of our dedication to sustainability, Raw Inkk collaborates with eco-friendly partners, such as Gen-Eco, to actively contribute to environmental conservation. We go beyond conventional printing materials by incorporating innovative, eco-friendly alternatives, including recycled materials like plastic boards made from recycled bottles and carbon-neutral acoustic panels.

Choosing Raw Inkk means choosing a printing partner that understands the importance of reducing its carbon footprint. We take pride in our use of non-toxic inks, ensuring that your prints meet the highest standards and adhere to our stringent environmental principles.

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