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Welcome to Raw Inkk, where large-format digital printing transforms architectural spaces with limitless possibilities. Our cost-effective solutions redefine aesthetics by printing unique designs on raw materials.

Quality Guarantee 

Thanks to our UV printing system, our prints are highly durable, long-lasting, and high-quality. Images and textures are printed directly onto any material and adhere through a UV chemical reaction to bond to the surface. This produces a hardwearing, high-definition result that, unlike other printing methods, will not crack, peel, or fade. 

Eco Friendly 

As part of our dedication to sustainability, Raw Inkk collaborates with eco-friendly partners, such as Gen-Eco, to actively contribute to environmental conservation. We go beyond conventional printing materials by incorporating innovative, eco-friendly alternatives, including recycled materials like plastic boards made from recycled bottles and carbon-neutral acoustic panels.

Choosing Raw Inkk means choosing a printing partner that understands the importance of reducing its carbon footprint. We take pride in our use of non-toxic inks, ensuring that your prints meet the highest standards and adhere to our stringent environmental principles.

  • How do I know what material is best for my print?
    We offer a range of materials that all work best in different applications. You can give us a call on 07 4634 1422 or send us an email to discuss what material is best for your project. Our Services page also highlights the unique benefits to each material so you can get a better understanding of our range.
  • What is the largest sheet size you can print?
    The largest sheet size we can print is 3600x1200mm. If you are looking for a print that is larger than this size we can easily print 1 image cross multiple panels.
  • What image size do you recommend for a large print?
    The basic rule is, the larger the better. Enlarging low quality images will result in a blurry result. To achieve the best results when printing a large image we recommend at least 4000x3000px at 300dpi. If you are wondering if your image is large enough just send us the image and our graphic team will let you know.
  • Where can I get high resolution photos?
    We use stock websites Shutterstock and istock to source out high resolution images. These websites have over 300 million images so we can always find the photo you are looking for. you can also talk to our graphics team about creating a custom image or graphic that is unique to your project. If you find a photo you would like to use just send us the photo code and we purchase it for you.