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Printed Panels.

Print anything onto
a wide range of materials

Create a unique space with printed wall and ceiling paneling. Graphics are printed directly onto the raw material sheeting and then easily installed on walls or ceilings.

Patterns can be printed continuously over several sheets aligning to create the perfect space for your project.

Our Digitally Printed Panels come with custom grooved and perforated options, with the versatility of hi-resolution custom prints, giving your decor a unique look!

Fire Rated

We specialise in precision printing services on a diverse range of Group 1 fire-rated materials, providing an ideal solution for meeting the highest building regulations with un-compromised quality.


Explore our range of lightweight panels, including Balsa, Acoustic, and Image Bond, meticulously crafted for effortless installation.


Discover our specially designed acoustic panels crafted to minimize echo and absorb sound. This is achieved through perforated sheets or acoustic polyester sheeting, ensuring optimal sound management.


We specialise in custom grooving and CNC cutting of panels, offering limitless design possibilities tailored to your unique specifications.

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