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Printed Beams.

Bring your ideas to life.

Raw Inkk is a large-format printing company based in Toowoomba. We specialise in creating custom architectural projects that are unique to you, and we enjoy it when clients think outside the box. With our in-house graphic design department, we can make your ideas come to life in a printable format, and representatives on staff can assist you and work through your ideas.

Working closely with clients, designers, builders, and architects to ensure the finished product is on time for installation. 

Raw Inkk printed wallpaper Toowomba

Save time
Save money

Our products are crafted to streamline the installation process, offering a level of comfort unparalleled in the industry. Unlike traditional methods that require the mounting of individual tiles, our designs allow for the swift installation of an entire sheet of tiles, significantly reducing the time needed for the installation process. This innovation translates into a more efficient and time-saving approach to achieving your desired outcome.

Quality Guarantee 

At Raw Inkk, we assure you of the enduring quality of our prints. Our indoor products are built to last for years. At the same time, our exterior prints feature a durable polyurethane coating to protect your print from the elements. We take pride in delivering top-of-the-range quality and are committed to promptly addressing any concerns or complaints. Trust Raw Inkk for lasting excellence in every print.

Printed Woodgrain on Fiber Cement (FC)

Eco Friendly

Raw Inkk's ethos revolves around responsible production, ensuring that every print job leaves a positive mark on your project and the planet.

We prioritize sustainability from start to finish. Our processes are designed to minimize ecological impact, and we utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality prints while preserving precious resources. We take pride in our use of non-toxic inks, ensuring that your prints meet the highest standards and adhere to our stringent environmental principles.

As part of our dedication to sustainability, Raw Inkk collaborates with eco-friendly partners, such as Gen-Eco, to actively contribute to environmental conservation. Furthermore, we go beyond conventional printing materials by incorporating innovative, eco-friendly alternatives, including recycled materials like plasterboard made from recycled bottles and carbon-neutral acoustic panels.

Choosing Raw Inkk means choosing a printing partner that understands the importance of reducing its carbon footprint. With our eco-friendly initiatives, you can confidently showcase your projects while positively impacting the environment. Join us in shaping a greener future through responsible printing practices with Raw Inkk.

A resturant with curved Raw Inkk beams


At Raw Inkk, we collaborate closely with you to tailor interior designs and architectural products precisely to your specifications. Every task is manageable, whether your project involves a single panel or a thousand. Raw Inkk is equipped with the capacity and volume of our two custom-made printers, ensuring the seamless completion of projects of varied scales.

Our in-house graphic design department stands ready to transform your concepts into a printable format, bringing your ideas to life with precision and creativity. Additionally, our knowledgeable representatives are on hand to assist, working through your ideas and ensuring a smooth and collaborative process. At Raw Inkk, we are dedicated to delivering customised solutions that meet the highest standards, no matter the complexity or size of the project.

We deliver 

Our distribution network spans Australia, allowing us to efficiently deliver our printed products to various locations. Should you wish to have your printed items delivered, we can seamlessly coordinate all logistics on our end. It is important to note, however, that we do not facilitate the delivery of printed glass due to its inherent risks. In such cases, the client becomes responsible for organising the delivery of printed glass.

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