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Readings Cinema

Printed PLY Wall Panels
October 2017
12mm PLY
Entertainment Architecture & ML Design
Newmarket, Brisbane
Reading Cinema required its walls and ceilings to be cladded with a substrate that replicates off-from concrete. The additional ceiling air ducting and exposed pipework give the space an industrial feel.

Reading Cinema first considered using wallpaper applied to plywood as the substrate; however, Raw Inkk can print the look of off-form concrete directly onto plywood, which is considerably more cost-effective. Lightweight balsa plywood was printed with graphics created by Raw Inkk.

The sheets of plywood were cut in the Raw Inkk factory and installed using glue and nails. A joiner constructed and installed the ceiling features as a complete structure.

The balsa plywood's lightweight yet strong characteristics assisted in the ease of installation; therefore, no additional structural work was needed prior to installation.
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